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The Delivery Boy Kept Messaging Her Even After Delivering Food At Doorsteps

How many times have you ordered food from a local restaurant or put on an online delivery option? We are sure, that’s like more than a few times. And, of course the delivery boy calls up for address inquiry, so the fine line is, that the restaurant staff knows your address, phone number and name. It is enough to encroach your privacy, Isn’t it?

An incident on this same line happened in Delhi when a young girl, Avantika Tyagi ordered food via Zomato from Bercos, Greater Kailash. The order was delivered to her within an hour, but after a small miscommunication whether she has to pay through online or Cash On Delivery (COD). But soon the misunderstanding was settled. And, after that the main horror began.
The delivery boy who had Avantika’s number, texted her apologizing over the small issue, it was indeed a nice gesture in the beginning but soon it turned into which we can say irritating and encroaching the personal space. Soon after his first text the delivery boy went on messaging her, which continued till the next day as well.
Here is what he did!
WhatsApp Text
msg delivery

Text On Mobile
But what is rather amusing or irresponsible is the fact Bercos failed to take up the responsibility of the incident rather they were adamant and said
“Ma’am he just asked for you picture and apologised about the confusion, what is wrong in that.”
What we are wondering is, if any crime would have taken place do they would have responded in the same way. ! Really a #ShameBercos
So, after the unhelpful service and Customer Service of Bercos, and their delivery partner – Shadowfax.Avantika posted on Facebook regarding the situation and thankfully Mr.Sanjeev Bhikchandani, co-founder of Info-Edge group ( who is an investor with Zomato took notice and promised to look after the situation.
Fortunately her post got noticed, but this is really that every person irrespective of the gender should stay alarmed about, since delivery person’s have your contact details and address. With the crime increasing and dearth of law, you never know what is going on in other person’s mind.
Don’t you think its a shame that being such a big food joint Berco’s could have handled the situation better!
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