Delhi Government Gives Acid Attack Survivors A Fresh Start With Job Offers ~ Scrap Everyone

Delhi Government Gives Acid Attack Survivors A Fresh Start With Job Offers

All it takes for a person to ruin someone’s life is a few seconds. Everything from there then goes downhill, everything seems to look like it’s never going to get fixed. Rebuilding your life from scratch is like reliving your first step, your first fall and all your experiences that you’d once learnt and move on from.

This wouldn't sound like a task if it were you who were living this struggle. But what if that person were an Acid attack victim? Let's address them as Acid attack survivors, because they were victims of the past, their present is nothing but a battle, where we believe, all have won! Nobody wants to be called a 'victim' for life, but when you have scars that remind you about it everyday, it is difficult. But in a remarkable move taken by the Delhi Government, these survivors can now get a job! The government has promised to provide jobs to 6 Acid Attack Survivors!
The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chief Swati Maliwal met Health Minister Satyendar Jain last month and gave him the resumes of acid attack victims regarding their employment in the department. This news has come as a delightful surprise and a reason to celebrate for all the victims! Laxmi, the face of the Stop Acid Attacks campaign, said the decision sent a very positive message to the acid attack survivors.
These faces are more than just a symbol of struggle, they're the face of strong women who have survived. Let's hope more women get a chance to study further and get jobs they always dreamed of. Because nothing feels more motivating than being accepted as their own.
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