Hrithik Roshan To Be Sent To A Scientific Research Facility ~ Scrap Everyone

Hrithik Roshan To Be Sent To A Scientific Research Facility

MUMBAI: India's heartthrob Hrithik Roshan has been invited to the a reputed science research center in the United States to be experimented on. The Bollywood actor whose dancing skills have taken the country by storm, had the human research team at the facility perplexed with a lot of questions.
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Speaking exclusively to Being Indian, Randy Ortison, the lead scientist to carry out this research said, "My daughter is a Bollywood fan. I was conducting a research on behaviours and choices of teenagers these days and I sat through the abominable movie called 'Bang Bang' with her. While the movie left my daughter puking unexpectedly and scarred me for life, I couldn't help but observe that Mr. Roshan's moves were extremely, as teenagers today will call it, 'on fleek'". Mr.Ortison continued with a smug, "So I wondered if it there was more to this talent. Because it is obviously inhuman."
Another scientist on Mr. Ortison's team, Mr. Hunter Helmsleigh said, "We're scanning one of his old movies called 'Koi Mil Gaya' where an alien granted Mr. Roshan's character superpowers. We're looking if it is actually a documentary. Because Mr. Roshan's skills are obviously inhuman."
Hrithik Roshan was spotted basking in dhoop at the sets of his new movie in Gujarat, he was unavailable for comment.
(Listen, this is lies, OK?)
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