Over 185 Dead In Chennai Floods, Thousands Stranded Without Food. Where's Your Profile Picture Now? ~ Scrap Everyone

Over 185 Dead In Chennai Floods, Thousands Stranded Without Food. Where's Your Profile Picture Now?

In what is probably Chennai's worst floods in the last 100 years, leaving more than 200 people dead and thousands of them stranded across homes, airports, railways. The Tamil Nadu state has called for an emergency situation in Chennai and already deployed over 50 personnel of the Indian Army. Life was lost, properties were washed away, and the beach now looks like a vast infinity sea. But, what did the Media do? Tell us about Indrani Mukerjea's third world problems, discuss about an actor's cleavage and giving fuel to the Aamir Khan fiasco's fire.
Rajiv Rajaram, the Creative Director of Culture Machine for Put Chutney who resides in Chennai, had a very powerful message to send out to us, that will definitely open your eyes about how we've adapted to the herd mentality.

Concerned Indians raised their voice across social media (including our facebook page) about how we're not concerned about our own brothers in our backyard, but changed out profile pictures in one snap when the Paris Attacks happened. Unfortunately, that's the power of media. That's how they influence our minds. However, it's time we move beyond this nonsense and do our bit to help our Chennai brothers.
Here's a list of help-line numbers for you to

This is the Indian Navy's helpline number in Chennai: +914425394240

The Indian Army's helpline: 9840295100

Apart from these government helplines, good samaritans are coming forward to help the victims with food and clothing. Here are some of the numbers shared by the "Bhumi" group.

It's disheartening to see Indians not giving something as grave as this situation any scope of attention. But partly it's our fault too, we often tend to look at one side of our country and ignore the other because we're not experiencing the pain our Chennai brothers/sisters have been feeling. We pray Mother Nature sets them free off her wrath and fury and Chennai rebuilds herself soon. But this won't be possible without you and I sharing this post and getting people access to helpline numbers. So once you reach this end of the article, don't forget to share this with as many people as you can. Pray for Chennai.
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