Top Five Richest Indians Are All Gujarati Men. So Stereotypical Of India ~ Scrap Everyone

Top Five Richest Indians Are All Gujarati Men. So Stereotypical Of India

In a shocking reality check, records reveal that all five richest Indians are Gujaratis, furthering the stereotype that Gujarati people are rich. Which is a bad thing because 'breaking stereotypes' campaign, that has photos of people holding slates with beautifully rebellious things written on them,  has gone viral at least three times on Facebook.

Mukesh Ambani

Value: Lot of money. Like at least 1,33,240 crores more than most of us.
Somewhat self-made, except the part where Dhirubhai Ambani left him stuff. Owns better half of the Reliance business. The Reliance Industries Limited wala Ambani.

Dilip Shanghvi

Value: Rs1,28,182 cr rounded off to the nearest crore. Rounded down, most probably.
Owner of Sun-pharmaceuticals, the largest producer of generic drugs in India. Merger with Ranbaxy has made them the largest exporter of drugs to the US too.

Gautam Adani

Value: Rs1,17,230 cr before last fund transfer to a big political party
This 52-year-old Gujarati has is into the power sector. He also has businesses in coal mining, coal trading, oil and gas and power sector. But mostly he's in power.

Azim Premji

Value: Rs1,13,251 cr
The chairman of Wipro Ltd. Known to be a very learned and generous man. Very clean image. Philanthropist.

Pallonji Mistry

Value: Rs89,970 cr. Doesn't even have a hundred thousand crore bucks! LOL.
The 85-year-old chairman of Shapoorji Pallonji Group and also the largest stake holder at Tata Group. Cyrus Mistry, his son is the current Chairman of Tata Group. Cyrus' sister is married to Ratan Tata's half brother, so you know, that's how they fit into the Tata family tree now.
Not only does this reinforce stereotypes about Gujaratis, but the fact that all five are men, proves that women do not have equal opportunity of getting rich in this country. Shame on us!
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