Kanpur Shocker: Man loses wife in IPL gambling ~ Scrap Everyone

Kanpur Shocker: Man loses wife in IPL gambling

A serial gambler in Kanpur put his wife at “stake” in an IPL betting game and “lost her”, police have said, an incident that is a replay of Yudhishthir losing his wife Draupadi in a game of dice in the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata.

The matter came to light after some men started harassing Jasmeet Kaur, the wife of Ravinder Singh. With the help of social activists, Kaur, who owns a boutique, lodged a complaint with the police. A case has been registered a case but Singh is missing.
He lost all his money in stock markets, so put his wife at stake, police said.
The couple, which lives in Govind Nagar, married five years ago. Things turned bitter from the very start, Kaur alleged. Her husband who traded shares took away all her jewellery. Over the years, he either sold or gambled away all the valuables. He was planning to sell the house when the IPL gambling fiasco happened.
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