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PM Modi’s Degree Certificates Released! Arvind Kejriwal Claims They Are False!

Since long, Arvind Kejriwal has been accusing PM Modi of lying about his education. As a reply to that, BJP released PM Modi’s degrees at a Press conference in New Delhi on Monday.

“Kejriwal has been spreading false rumors and lies about the PM. He tried defaming Narendra Modi, and for this, he must apologize not only to the PM but to the entire nation”, says Amit Shah, the BJP President.
At the Press Conference, Amit Shah along with Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister, held up the PM’s degrees; one being a Bachelor of Arts degree from Delhi University and the other being a Master of Arts in Political Science from Gujarat. Arun Jaitley also shared his memories about PM Modi coming for exams to Delhi during the 1975-1977 emergency,imposed by the government.
Amit shah, who was quite furious, said “Before making such baseless allegations about someone’s personal life, one should have verified the facts. I am very ashamed that such a day would come that I’ll have to make public the PM’s degrees,” He also tweeted:
Few hours after the degrees were released, Arvind Kejriwal stated that the records at Delhi University were ‘sealed’. He insisted that the released certificates had glaring discrepancies. Mr.Kejriwal highlighted the following issues!

Same name spelled differently?

Arvind Kejriwal stated that the name on the mark sheet was ‘Narendra Kumar Damodar Das Modi’ but the name on the degree showed ‘Narendra Damodar Das Modi’.

Even the year is fake!

On the mark sheet, the graduation year shown is 1977, but the degree was issued in the year 1978. Ashutosh from AAP stated that this cannot be possible.
As a response to these allegations, 2 of Modi’s mark sheets were released by the BJP.

BA First Year

On the Statement of Marks, issued by Delhi University’s School of Correspondence Courses on 17th of July 1975 for B.A Part I, the name seen is ‘Narendra Kumar Damoderdas Modi’

Score – 165 out of 400 words (Pass)


BA Second Year

The 2nd Year Marksheet which was issued on the 20th of July, 1976 had his name spelled ‘Narendra Damoderdas Mody’

Score- 121 out of 400 (Failed)


BA Second Year – Supplement

In the marksheet for supplementary exam, that was issued on the 13th of January 1977, the name shows ‘Narendra Kumar Damodar Das Mody’.

Score- 149/400 (Failed)


BA Third Year

The marksheet that was issued on the 17th of February 1978, has his name as ‘Narendra Damoderdas Modi’

Score- 489/1200 (Passed with 3rd division)

The 1st year MA marksheet from Gujarat University has the PM’s name as ‘Modi NarendraKumar Damoderdas’ while 2nd year marksheet has the name ‘Modi Narendra Damoderdas’. Degrees provided by both Gujarat University and Delhi University have the same name that is ‘Narendra Damoderdas Modi’.
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