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Who Is This Baby Girl On The Cover Of Parle-G Biscuit Packets?

We often contemplate few things which are very interesting to know but no accurate answers of them have been found yet. For instance, who was the inventor of biscuits or chocolates?

One such question which frequently strikes our mind is who’s the baby girl on the cover of Parle-G biscuit packets?
Parle G
Well, many people tried to find out but no verified answer with regard to the identity of Parle-G kid is given yet. She’s been on the wrapper of Parle-G biscuits for about 5-6 decades and even after this long time, the girl appears to be so fresh and striking that the company never felt like changing the look of the packet.
Taking into consideration a post on Quora in which a user inquired about Parle-G girl’s identity, she is Nagpur’s Neeru Deshpandey who is now 65 years old. Her father took the photo when Neeru was just 4 years 3 months old. Even though he wasn’t a photographer, he clicked such a brilliant pic that acquired place on the wrapper of one of India’s most selling biscuits. He came to know about Parle’s ad for a child model and sent pic of his daughter which got selected and is still on the cover.

Source: Quora
But according to Wikipedia page of Parle-G, she’s ‘Gunjan Gundaniya’.

However, Parle Products’ group product manager Mayank Shah denies all these stories, terming them as mere rumors and discloses that the kid is just an illustration which was made in 60s by Everest creative.

Everyone has their own story and we can’t surely say what’s the truth in this connection! Which one do you think is correct? Share your views in the comments section below.

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