How Indian Brands Nailed Real Time Engagement Around Pokemon Go ब्रांड्स कैसे भारतीय पकड़ा रियल टाइम Pokemon Go को ~ Scrap Everyone

How Indian Brands Nailed Real Time Engagement Around Pokemon Go ब्रांड्स कैसे भारतीय पकड़ा रियल टाइम Pokemon Go को

Indian brands have also leveraged the Pokémon mania to engage their fans, as well as weave in a smart brand connect with strategic visuals on social media
We don’t know if the worldwide success of Pokémon Go will sustain to make all of the world into avid Pokémon hunters, but one thing is certain: it is truly the best use of augmented reality (AR) in a mobile game in a long long time.

Catching Pokémon has become a national pastime with reports of youngsters, who are usually found holed up in their rooms, getting outdoors to catch Pokémon, and delighting their mothers in the process.
For the uninitiated, Pokémon Go is the latest mobile game phenomenon that blends the real world with the virtual one, it shows you Pokémon in real time by tracking your geographical location and time, you flick a Pokeball at it and add it to your collection. There are 15L Pokémon and they could be anywhere: your office canteen, the local adda, a car park, malls, churches, temples, or hovering over right in your housing compound.
This video by the official YouTube channel best explains the why behind the global sensation:
The maker Nintendo is laughing its way to the bank with Pokémon Go’s sudden popularity having doubled Nintendo’s stock. Launched a few weeks back, the game’s an enhanced smartphone version of the video game Pokémon and has managed millions of downloads in a very short time, in fact, its daily active users have surpassed those of Twitter too!
A social and tech phenomenon like this is bound to create buzz and is also an opportune moment to bond with avid Pokémon hunters or even aspiring ones. Brands have already geared up with their marketing ideas to capitalize on the Pokémon sensation: McDonald’s has reportedly locked up a deal to turn over 3,000 Japanese locations into virtual gyms for Pokémon collectors, when the game launches in Japan today.
We stumbled upon a few brands here in India that leveraged the Pokémon mania to engage their fans, as well as weave in a smart brand connect.

Godrej Security Solutions

The maker of security solutions has found a cool brand connect to catch thugs. While the brand so wishes this to happen in real life, reports have already started pouring in as to how cops plan to use Pokémon Go to lure thieves.


The utterly butterly girl and her friends have also caught the Pokemania. A simple one from the Amul Topicals.


The free classifieds site found the perfect visual to promote its QuikrDoorstep service.
 might not get delivered to your doorstep but your favorite items can! Try QuikrDoorstep today. 

Ola Cabs

The cab and auto hailing app invites you to go Pokémon hunting on one of its cabs, check out the destination selected.
Don't hesitate to book an Ola and catch every last Pokemon before it's all over. 

Red Bull India

The drink that gives you wings shared super effective ways to catch Pokémon  in a massive post on its website under ‘Games’.

Vodafone Zoozoos

The super adorable zoozoos are just as ‘psyducked’ as us when the Pokémon fever caught on!
When the world is going crazy about "Pokemon Go" and you don't have a clue!

Animal Planet India

The channel dedicated to bond us to the animal world, has brilliantly connected Pokemania with pet lovers.


The mattress maker got it right. Look there’s a Kurlemon on your bed!


The popular dating app has gone all bonkers with Pokémon Go fever. Below visuals depict the brand’s fun side and its intent to engage its TG around the buzz in town.

Hercules MTB Turbodrive

If ever you go Pokémon hunting, make sure its on the Hercules MTB Turbodrive. The cycle maker has rolled out a series of gifs connecting to different types of Pokémon.


The restaurant search app always talks food. Zomato, always at your rescue when you go Pokémon hunting and can’t afford hunger pangs to stop you!


And I was wondering why no brand talked about having a dependable power bank to your rescue.


The digital wallet smartly plays on catching ’em all in this GIF to promote itself as your one-stop bill payment solution!

The Viral Fever

The online entertainment destination for most millennials today shows you how Indians catch Pokémon.

All India Bakchod

The comedy collective owns the day with its array of hilarious desi Pokemania visuals.
Pokémon Go has given us a glimpse of the future of augmented reality, where real-time location-based marketing finally comes of age. Maybe a little lesser extent to how tech innovations are leveraged in other countries, but India, too, holds a goldmine of potential in engaging, rewarding and marketing to its youth demographic in real-time. Until then, let’s catch’em all!
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