Meet The First Man To Catch Hold Of All Pokemon! Yeah…Finally He Did It After Extreme Hard Work! ~ Scrap Everyone

Meet The First Man To Catch Hold Of All Pokemon! Yeah…Finally He Did It After Extreme Hard Work!

The Pokemon Go-Mania has made everyone go crazy! People are trying their best for catching all those pokemon there. The internet is filled with people talking about various tricks to master the game and also some fun-filled experiences. Amidst all this, there is a 28 year old man from United States who has actually caught all pokemon.

The Reddit community dedicated to Pokemon-Go has fired up as there is actually a man who did it!
Nick Johnson, who is on Reddit with the name ftb-hodor, made a post saying he caught them all. He very well knew that once he posts this, people would definitely feel he is lying and to support he statement, he posted a screenshot as well.
Although you might be wondering there are 151 Pokemon in the game and why this screenshot is showing just 142, let us tell you that in reality Pokemon-Go has just 142 of them and this excludes those 3 legendary ones named Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno and region specific ones named Farfetch’d (Asia), Kangaskhan (New Zealand and Australia) and Mr. Mime (Europe)

Know more about Nick’s journey!

For reaching this milestone, Nick had to capture 4,629 Pokemon and this is just fabulous. Everyday to hunt for those Pokemon, he would leave work at around 6.30 pm and start walking around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Sometimes, it was so difficult that he had to trek for 8 hours every day i.e. per day.
When he was on his hunt for the Porygon Pokenmon, the 141st one, he booked an Uber and travelled all the way to Jersey. Omastar was the last Pokemon that Nick needed and it could be easily caught too, but due to a network outage, he missed the chance. Later, he evolved an Omanyte for completing it.
So guys, how many of you are all geared up like this man? Do let us know in our comments section below.
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